Adrian Ziemkowski (ziemkowski) wrote in xemo,
Adrian Ziemkowski


Xemo for OS X
Phase: Active Development

Of course, that's my nickname... in honor of Sema's Semagic client for Windows (Sema and Xemo even have a similar rhyme to them).

Tentative Xemo Feature List:
- Online and offline journaling
- Support for any LiveJournal-derived Network (eg. DeadJournal)
- MovableType Sync (Import/Export)
- Natively store data in XML format
- Advanced Friends facilities
- Easy History navigation and editing
- Batch processing scripts (eg. "Set minimum security", "Change icon A to icon B")

More will come later.

The Friends facilities are important to me, since that's what most developers seem to neglect (or handle minimally). The facilities will resemble more of an address book than a standard friends list, including offline-only notes and meta data. Of course there will also be filters to see only people you list or list you and you don't list back, and the vital "Changes in Friends" view.
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