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xemo's Journal

Xemo for Mac OS X
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This community is for Xemo, a complete multi-service blogger for Mac OS X.

Planned Xemo Feature List:
- Elegant OS X interface
- Online and Offline modes
- Asynchronous networking; never wait for slow servers!
- Source and Preview modes in Entry Editor
- Simple History navigation and editing
- Search/Replace in single Entry, an entire Service, or all Services.
- Extensive LiveJournal support:
  - Add/Edit Friends and Friend Groups
  - Post to select Friend Groups
  - Analyze and monitor changes to your Friends list
  * Poll Creator

- Support for the following blog Services:
  - b2
  - BigBlogTool
  - Blogalia
  - Blogger
  - BlogWorks
  - Drupal
  - LiveJournal
  - MovableType
  - Nucleus

- Ping to Weblogs.com.
- XML-RPC support:
  - Blogger API
  - Manila-RPC
  - MetaWeblog API

- All settings/data stored in XML
* Batch processing
* Inter-service sync & migration
* Encryption options
* Embed images from FotoBilder services
    Note: You'll need to use a separate application to edit your galleries

* Edit blog templates/styles

* Version 2 Feature

Until Xemo moves into a beta stage, you must join the community to read the posts. Members of the community will have special access to a Private Beta Release and are encouraged to provide feedback and to otherwise help guide the development of Xemo.

Development Progress

- Mile Stone 1: ALL Design, Prototyping & DTDs completed
- Mile Stone 2: Fully functional in Offline mode
- Mile Stone 3: Networking subsystem completed (XML-RPC, Transactions, etc), Blogging (Blogger-API)
- Beta 1: LiveJournal-specific facilities (sans-Friends)
- Preview Release 1: Completed LiveJournal support, MovableType support
- Version 1.0: Major PR bugs squashed, Documentation, Localization